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Focused listening is my superpower.
Let me help you solve the problems you're unsure how to approach on your own.


If you're seeking a professional coach who can provide guidance related to situational circumstances, or you're simply in need of someone to listen to your challenges and give unscripted advice and counsel, I may be just the person for you.

As your coach, I engage my listening superpower to discern thoughtful, memorable, actionable tips and exercises to help address the specific areas you need help with. Through open and honest conversations, there is no match to what we can accomplish. 


Preparation & Readiness

Whatever "thing" you may need to prepare for— performance review, presentation, feedback, job interview, etc.—I can help you get ready for it so that you bring your best self.


Career Coaching

If you're looking to refine your technique on how you communicate and /or develop relationships, or how to improve engagement within your team or navigate challenging situations, I can help!

Clients Are Saying ...


Pat is an amazing person who has been phenomenal to me. I don't even know where to start, other than to say she exemplifies true leadership. She has given me powerful insights on how to navigate my career goals, and her mentorship has impacted my life tremendously. She has not only taught me that giving up is never an option, but she's made me believe that good leaders do exist in the workplace. Most significantly, she has helped build my confidence and belief in myself. I'm so grateful for her guidance, wisdom, time, authenticity, and inspiration. 


Pat David is a godsend. She has been my mentor, confidant, friend, and mom-like figure in my life for over a decade. I connected with her through the Women's Business Initiative at Rutgers University, and I have never met anyone who is as smart, compassionate, and all-knowing. I have called her "a million times" for both personal and professional advice, and she keeps giving, giving, and giving. She is the one constant in my roller-coaster life. I love that she now has a book that's packed with her eternal wisdom.



Diversity & Talent Consulting

If your company has identified professionals who could use assistance in getting prepared for bigger and better opportunities, or you're a talent or diversity organization interested in helping professionals reach their potential, I may be just the person you're seeking.

I've spent years working with managers, talent officers, and others responsible for growth within their companies. If you're interested in scheduling a company-sponsored professional coaching session to help your people be their best, I'd love to connect!

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